Traci Doland keeps me updated on her son, Broady.  She recently set up a CaringBridge page to keep friends and family informed about treatments and appointments.  She writes:



Broady was diagonsed with Scimitar Syndrome when he was a week old in the NICU @ Maggie Hospital. He has hypoplasia of the right lung, right lower lobe sequestration, partial anomalous pulmonary venous return of the right pulmonary vein into the inferior vena cava, hypoplastic right branch pulmonary artery with an aorticopulmonary collateral vessel supplying the sequestered lung that arises from the celiac trunk.

Tracey says, “He is our god-sent angel!”

Tracey also writes that Broady may require surgery sooner than anticipated:

We went to our check up two Friday’s ago down to Children’s. Our appt. didn’t go to well.  Dr. Drant and Dr. Aujila are meeting with the surgeons on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 to talk about doing his open-heart sooner. He has went down hill within the last 2 months. His energy level is very low and he has “blue” spells. He gets really pale and his lips turn a blueish color. They think that parts of his underdeveloped lung are collapsing causing problems and the blood flow through his heart is staying blue blood and not turning over to red blood. I don’t have my update from our appt. to say all the medical terms. Sorry….

We never thought that surgery would be this soon. We know he is in good hands with the doctor’s at Childrens but it has been a struggle with us. Please pray for strength for when we  get the news Thursday AM…

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