Take a look at the wonderful ways the Aubrey Rose Foundation is helping families with financial needs due to the medical needs of their children:


We are very proud of our accomplishments in our ten years but we know we have our work cut out for us to continue on with helping families. Our job will never be done because there is always going to be another family to help and another child to pray for.
With that being said, It is important for you to know what we have accomplished in our ten years and it’s all thanks to wonderful people such as yourself for believing in the Foundation. We cannot thank you enough for all of your love, support and devotion to the Aubrey Rose Foundation.

  • We are growing the Aubrey Rose Foundation and expanding it’s reach into the Dayton area. We are working on getting an office there, and we are working on partnering with Dayton’s Childrens Hospital.
  • We have opened Writely Sew and Aubrey Rose Apparel where all of the proceeds go back to fund the Aubrey Rose Foundation. Writely Sew is an embroidery and embellishment company and Aubrey Rose Apparel will have lines of children’s clothing.
  • We have disbursed over $150,000 to families in financial need because of their child being medically-fragile. The amount of our grants is growing in proportion to the monies coming in to Aubrey’s Foundation. We are pleased to say that we are able to help more families with bigger amounts than we’ve been able to in the past. This total is strictly for grants to families and does not include our other programs.
  • Our Healing the World’s Hearts Program has brought two different children to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for open-heart surgery. We brought Elena from Russia and Hannah from the Philippines for their life-saving surgeries and Aubrey’s Foundation took care of their transportation, their stays at the Ronald McDonald House, the surgeries and their incidentals associated with being out of their country.
  • We organized 36 themed dinner parties complete with crafts for the children for the Ronald McDonald House families to boost these families spirits so they can carry on taking care of their sick child. We have touched close to 2000 families who have lived at Ronald McDonald House because of our dinner parties.
  • Hosted 8 Holiday Parties and organized buying toys and gifts to brighten the lives of sick children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. These families will never forget this Holiday Party because we try to make this the most memorable event that will be able to stay with them forever.
  • Hosted six Heart Transplant Picnics during the summer months. This themed picnic is for the heart transplant patients and their immediate family members along with the staff of the Heart Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. This is for the patient and their families to start a network of friends in the unique world they live in because of the transplant.
  • Supplied camping items for Camp Joyful Hearts. We gave each camper Aubrey Rose Foundation logo’d items that will help them with their week at camp, such as backpacks filled with an umbrella, rain poncho, flashlight, ball cap, camera, beach ball and beach towel.
  • Hosted six Hopeful Hearts for Children themed picnics complete with decorations, crafts and dinner so that families of “Heart Kids” can start to build lasting relationships to help families cope.
  • Our “Aubrey’s Angels” team for the Heart Mini Marathon for the American Heart Association has raised over $100,000 to help wipe out the #1 killer – heart disease and the #3 killer – strokes.

The Aubrey Rose Foundation is worthy of support.  Click here to donate.

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