Nathan made the trip to Birmingham for big brother Adam’s graduation from UAB.  For nine years old, I thought he was a pretty good sport, sitting patiently as hundreds of names were called out.  We took a few pictures–Adam decked out in a beautiful emerald green robe poses with little bro, Nathan (future grad?); Adam poses at the Hampton Inn before dashing over to line up (oops!–forgot the honors cords); and finally Nathan gives his best imitation of Blaze, the UAB mascot.

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2 Comments on Graduation – UAB

  1. mizjan says:

    You’ve got two fine looking young men there, Karen. I know you are proud. And Nathan does a fine imitation of Blaze! What does Adam have planned for the future? I know he’ll do well in whatever he plans to do. I’ll be heading for my oldest grandson’s graduation this weekend in Bossier City. He’s an honors graduate too, tho just high school right now. Maybe 4 more years and it will be a college one. My oldest granddaughter’s turn will be next year, then we’ll have a few years to “rest”. Best wishes and congratulations to Adam!

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, Jan. Right now, Adam is interested in research, but we’ll see what the future holds. Congrats to your grandson, too!

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