by Sylvie Stephens Tieszen

While enjoying a perfect fall day downtown, we went inside a Macy’s Holiday Store filled top to bottom with Christmas decorations. Almost trance-like, forgetting it’s not yet Halloween, I went in search of a pink Sydney Ornament. I lost my baby girl at 6 months and 1 day to Scimitar Syndrome and other complications. This fall I decided each year I will select a pink Christmas ornament in memory of Sydney to place on our tree. This year I selected a pair of pink toe shoes, as one of my dreams for Sydney included ballet classes.

But maybe if Sydney would have lived, I would have bought a pink heart ornament instead. A heart ornament for each year of life following her open heart surgery. We would have filled our Christmas tree with many, many hearts throughout the years.

I thought I would pass along this idea for those that have lost children, a way to have their presence at Christmas. This is also a great idea to celebrate the children that have survived, to celebrate their resilience and bravery.

Aren’t the best ornaments the ones with special meaning? I have a collection of “stolen” ornaments from my mother’s tree, ornaments made by her hands, and those are my favorite. Each year she makes a fresh batch of ornaments, and then pretends not to look as I sneak one off her tree then later hang on mine. I have collected dozens! One day my children, Sydney’s legacies, will have some “Sydney Ornaments” from our tree on their tree. They will know their big sister.

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  1. Martha says:

    What a beautiful idea!

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