Delaney Watkins is on a mission to educate people about Mitochondrial Disease, the disease her two-year-old brother has.  “Would you please consider posting this page on your blog?” she writes.  You bet I will, Delaney!

My name is Delaney, and I’m 14 years old. My brother, Grant, who is a twin, has Mitochondrial Disease.  For 2 years, I’ve watched my brother get sick, and I couldn’t do anything to help him. I couldn’t really talk to my friends about it because none of them have ever heard about Mito, and I hated going through the explanation every time. Even in school, we spent a week talking about what Mitochondria do, but the teacher had never heard of Mitochondrial Disease.

I read about a contest through the UMDF about spreading awareness.  It made me start thinking about what I could do, and my Aunt gave me an idea.  I decided to start a Facebook page to explain Mito in a way I could understand it.  It was something I could tell the people I know to read so I didn’t have to keep explaining it.  I decided not to enter the contest, but I am going to keep the page growing as long as I can.

I started by posting the link and asking other people to do the same. In one week, I had over 6000 people like the page. That means 6000 people might have learned something about Mito. I’m asking for your help to keep the page growing. All it takes is sharing the page with others.

I would love to have any suggestions for ways that I can get more people to view the site.

This is a Channel 8 news report done about the page:

Here is the page:


Please view the Facebook site on a regular computer, because it doesn’t show up right on a cellphone.

Thank you,

Delaney Watkins

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