I received this request today:

“My daughter Emma was just diagnosed with PAPVR two weeks ago.  Something “suspicious” showed up in an x-ray she had taken because of pneumonia.  After a lot of tests, they diagnosed her with PAPVR.  Her surgery is scheduled for the middle of March.  Please say some prayers for Emma!”

Will do!

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3 Comments on Pray for Emma

  1. s_posas says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with Emma as well as the family. My daughter also had a PAPVR and was repaired with open heart surgery in December of 2009. She was only 4. I know how scared you are. If you have any questions please feel free to call me. 956-200-1415 My name is Stephaine Posas. My daughter Kassandra was also included in Nathans prayer when she needed it. Karen helped me get thru this difficult part of lending an ear and emails and I would love to do the same for you

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, Stephaine. I don’t know the exact date of Emma’s surgery, but it is already mid-March, so it may have taken place or may be soon.

    Hope Kassandra is doing well!

  3. l_comstock says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Emma’s surgery has been postponed because she had a cold a week before her surgery. We have not set another date because they want us to wait 10-12 days after she is done with her antibiotic and they want us to wait to make sure that Emma doesn’t get influenza as it is influenza season here in Minnesota. I’m hoping to have something scheduled by mid-week.

    Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.


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