I have been busy with family issues recently, and neglected to check my spam box for a while.  For some reason, prayer requests wind up in spam from time to time; I posted a couple that I found today.  This appears to be a prayer request, too; however, I don’t know how to read in the language it is written.  If anyone can translate, I would be much obliged.

Hola Karen, mi nombre es Cecilia y vivo en Argentina. Tengo mi sobrinita de casi dos meses de edad con este síndrome. A las 48 horas de su nacimiento, tuvo una serie de complicaciones y fue internada en neonatología. Allí le diagnosticaron el sindrome de cimitarra.

De casualidad encontré tu página y me emocionó. No sabes cuanta falta me hace ver casos reales para tener buenas esperanzas. Quisiera que me contaras por favor como es la vida de Nathan porque sé que a partir de lo que me cuentes podré imaginarme la vida de Josefina (así se llama mi sobrina).

Te agradeceré todo tipo de información.

Mis más sinceros saludos para vos y tu familia.


Blessings to you, Cecelia!

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2 Comments on Pray for Cecelia?

  1. Martha says:

    From an online translator-

    Hi Karen, my name is Cecilia and I live in Argentina. I have my niece of almost two months of age with this syndrome. 48 Hours of his birth, he had a series of complications and was interned in neonatology. There they diagnosed with scimitar syndrome.

    By chance I found your page and I was thrilled. You don’t know how much lack makes me see real cases to have good hopes. I would like to tell me please how it is the life of Nathan because I know that from what you tell me I can imagine the life of Josefina (and my niece called).

    Thank you all kinds of information.

    My most sincere greetings to you and your family.


  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, Martha! I see that a loving aunt is concerned about her baby niece, Josefina. Helps to know how to pray!

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