One month ago today, my beautiful daughter Natalie was married to a fine young man named Carter.  I love them dearly and pray they will be blessed with a life filled with happiness and love.

I recently shared this photo of Natalie and her father during the father/daughter dance on a facebook page created by my high school friend, Beverly Waterbury Payne, called Praying for Bryan Blakeney of Gulfport, MS.  This is the story behind the dance:

When Bryan was told he had pancreatic cancer 8 months ago, my first thoughts were despair and heartbreak. I did not want to lose him! But my next thought was the devastating realization that our daughter was getting married in the Spring–it did not sound like he was expected to be alive.

How far we have come from that terrible night! The cancer had NOT metastasized; surgery became an option and was successfully performed. We got an amazing second chance at life!

This past Saturday, I watched Bryan walk our lovely daughter Natalie down the aisle to marry a wonderful young man. Oh. My. Heavens. What a sight to behold! At the reception, I watched the father/daughter dance, and thought my heart would burst with joy. It felt as if God had moved a mountain to bring us to that glorious moment.

Bryan took a break from his chemo so he could feel well for that special day. He resumed treatment today and will hopefully be finished by winter. We appreciate your continued prayers.

The day after the wedding we talked about how much we needed a happy occasion after all that has transpired. Our spirits are lifted and we feel so optimistic about the future. And we are so very happy for our daughter and new son-in-law!

(Many thanks to Tilley Photography for this treasured photo.)

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2 Comments on A Special Father Daughter Dance

  1. Martha says:

    What a special moment! Father/daughter dances are always bittersweet, but yours is truly a miracle. I pray there are many more to come.

    PS. Natalie is beautiful. :)

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, Martha. It really felt like a miracle. God willing, Bryan and I will enjoy weddings, birthdays, and other special memories for years to come. Jesus is still in the miracle business.

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