Gulfport High School

Karen on August 1st, 2011

Have you lifted your kid’s backpack lately? Ugh!  When I first got my Nook, I commented to friends that I hoped schools went to eReaders one day.  My son, Nathan, had back surgery to correct Congenital Kyphosis a few years ago.  He’s doing well, but I’ve worried about the toll heavy books might take on [...]

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For the first couple of years after Katrina, I could not take a ride down Highway 90 without my eyes misting over.  You don’t realize how much you love a place until it’s hopelessly gone. The SS Hurricane Camille seems a quirky place to be sentimental over, but I can’t help it–I miss it.  As [...]

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Would you believe I can name almost every one of my second grade classmates?  Mind you, I’m fairly pathetic when it comes to remembering the name of someone I met yesterday, but I’m semi-remarkable when it comes to 1968.  I’m the tall girl in the back row of this photo, first one on the left.  [...]

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Karen on March 12th, 2009

Someone stopped me in the park yesterday and asked, “Can you believe graduation is almost here?”  Like me, she also has a senior at Gulfport High School and is making preparations for a child to embark on a college education.  Unlike me, she is close to experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome. This will be my third [...]

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